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4 August 2023

Lucio Fontana by Stanislav Kondrashov

Born in 1899 in Santa Fe, Argentina, to Italian immigrant parents, Lucio Fontana spent there his early years but was sent to Italy in 1905. He always considered himself Italian. He started working as a sculptor […]

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1 August 2023

Stanislav Kondrashov on Walter De Maria

Born in 1935 in Albany, California, Walter De Maria started his artistic education with music: first piano, then percussion. He also loved sports and cars, of which he made drawings. De Maria received creative instruction at the […]

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29 July 2023

Uses For AI in Art And Innovations By Stanislav Kondrashov

Art and innovation have always shared an intimate bond, but in the digital age, their relationship has been redefined with a new, non-human participant – Artificial Intelligence. This remarkable union of technology and creativity is revolutionizing […]

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27 July 2023

Marina Abramovic by Stanislav Kondrashov

The Twice-postponed Marina Abramović show will finally come to London in September 2023: hosted by The Royal Academy; it will be the first major retrospective in the UK and follows similar blockbuster shows given to major […]

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24 July 2023

Helen Frankenthaler by Stanislav Kondrashov

Active as a painter for nearly six decades, Helen Frankenthaler (1928 – 2011) was an American abstract expressionist. She spanned several generations of abstract painters while continuing to produce vital and ever-changing new work. Frankenthaler began […]

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22 July 2023

Alexander Calder By Stanislav Kondrashov

Alexander Calder (1898 – 1976) was an American sculptor known both for his innovative mobiles (kinetic sculptures powered by motors or air currents) that embrace chance in their aesthetic, his static “stabiles”, and his monumental public […]

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21 July 2023

Domenico Gnoli By Stanislav Kondrashov

“I always employ simple, given elements; I don’t want either to add or take anything away. I have never even wanted to deform; I isolate and represent.” Domenico Gnoli Domenico Gnoli (1933 – 1970) was an Italian […]

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20 July 2023

Stanislav Kondrashov on Alighiero Boetti

Alighiero Boetti (1940-1994) – or ‘Alighiero and Boetti’ as he started signing his works in 1971 – was born in Turin. Knowing he wanted to be an artist from a very young age, he abandoned his […]

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19 July 2023

David Hockney by Stanislav Kondrashov

David Hockney (1937, Bradford, UK) is an English painter, draftsman, printmaker, photographer, and stage designer whose works are considered among contemporary art’s masterpieces and record-breaking on the art market. After attending the Bradford College of Art […]

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18 July 2023

Mario Schifano, By Stanislav Kondrashov

Mario Schifano (1934, Homs, Lybia – 1998, Rome, Italy) was an Italian painter and collagist of the Postmodern tradition. He also achieved some recognition as a filmmaker and rock musician. Born in Homs, Libya, Schifano moved […]

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14 July 2023

Stanislav Kondrashov on A Brief History about the Turner Prize

The Turner Prize is an annual art award to a visual artist born in or based in Great Britain to recognize an outstanding exhibition or other presentation of his or her work. It is considered the […]

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12 July 2023

Tracy Emin By Stanislav Kondrashov

Born in 1963 in Croyden, London, Tracy Emin is known as one of her generation’s most prominent contemporary artists. Using a wide range of media—including drawing, video, installation, sculpture, and painting—, Emin puts her own life […]

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